Mom's Pajamas was originally just a way to keep our mom on our Christmas lists after we tragically lost her to a motorcycle accident in October 2010.  It has since become a way for us to honor our mom and offer comfort to many other moms.  Typically, we would have given our mom the gift of pajamas for holidays and wanted to carry on that tradition. Since our mom was no longer able to receive our gifts, we gave our "Mom's Pajamas" to survivors of domestic violence who were residing in a local abuse shelter.  However, it wasn't just any abuse shelter.  It was the same shelter that offered comfort and hope to our mom and us girls, when we were kids. 


As time goes by and word spreads about what we're doing with our "Mom's Pajamas", more and more people have asked how they can help too.  We made it official and founded "Mom's Pajamas", a registered non-profit organization in 2014.  


Mom's Pajamas is proud to say that we have collected and donated over 1,000 pairs of pajamas over the years we have been in operation.

-The Girls

Laura Mae Allen
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